RSVP BELOW: Rally and Committee Hearing For Animal Rights Legislation
Thanks to your work lobbying, making phone calls and writing letters, we’ve secured 24 City Council cosponsors and the majority of the health committee on Intro 1378, the bill the ban the sale of foie gras! You’d think that passing this law would be easy — after all, who would support ramming a footlong metal poll down the throat of a duck or a goose? Why would anyone willingly eat diseased liver? The reality is that the factory farming industry will stop at nothing to keep making money off abused ducks and geese, so we must have a strong showing of support at Tuesday’s rally and hearing.

The New York City Council Health Committee hearing will also cover 16 bills such as protecting pigeons from poachers (Intro 1202), stopping the sale of dogs, cats & rabbits in pet stores (Reso 798), Meatless Mondays (Reso 379), banning cat declawing (Intro 1477), protecting carriage horses (Intro 1425) and more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | Rally 9AM | Hearing 10am

New York City Hall Stairs and Council Chambers (enter gate on Broadway bet Park Pl and Murray St), Manhattan