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Voters for Animal Rights’ mission is to help elect candidates who support animal protection, lobby for strong laws to stop animal cruelty, and hold elected officials accountable to humane voters.

We founded this organization because there is a dire need for a multi-issue political advocacy group specifically for animal protection. Filling this need is especially crucial, considering the current political climate. If we want to stop the endless cycle of cruelty to animals, we need to change our laws to protect them in the first place — or we’ll just keep chasing our tail. (Pun intended) And to do that, we need to elect compassionate people, train animal advocates to run for office, and organize humane voters.

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Allie
    Feldman Taylor
    Founder, President

    Allie founded Voters For Animal Rights in 2016. During the group’s inaugural year, she helped co-lead the successful campaign to ban wild animals in the circus in NYC, which became law in July 2017. Previously, she lead the Nyclass campaign to ban horse carriages from city streets for over five years. She ran the successful “Anybody But Quinn” campaign to defeat an anti-animal candidate for NYC mayor, getting animal rights into mainstream city politics for the first time. She has worked at the NY State Senate, Obama campaign and the NJ Dept of the Public Advocate. She was named to New York Observer’s “Political Power 80” in 2014 and named to City & State Magazine’s “40 Under 40” political people to watch in 2016.

    She’s an alumni of Florida State University and mom of five rescued cats – Willa, Waffles, Gumball, Feline Dion (rhymes with Celine Dion) and Barry Manilow. She lives in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn where she is a volunteer trap-neuter-release rescuer.

  • Michelle

    Michelle is a professional art director and graphic designer in NYC and she combines those skills with her passion for animal advocacy by leading the visual communications for Voters For Animal Rights. She learned early on in her activism how important it is to put strong laws in place to truly protect animals and to help them get the rights that they deserve. She is thrilled to help launch Voters For Animal Rights and looks forward to giving our animal friends a much-needed voice while engaging other caring voters to do the same. She is a long-time volunteer and advisor at Animal Haven shelter and has been a foster Mom to many needy dogs and cats. Helping heal puppy mill survivors holds a special place in her heart. Additionally, she has spent time volunteering with Farm Sanctuary, ASPCA, Rational Animal and the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

  • Jabari

    Jabari is a teacher, actor, activist, and former New York City Council candidate. He is a 3rd generation resident of Prospect Heights. He’s the proud Caribbean son of an immigrant father and a tireless mother. Both raised him with a strong sense of justice and dignity in all circumstances. He’s spent the past ten years making political theater and marching in the streets.

    At NYU, he was a founding member of The Glass Theater Company, an anti-gentrification theater group that railed against the NYU takeover of real estate in the Village. At the Yale School of Drama, he devised the piece Derivatives, which tackled growing income inequality. Through that piece, he was able to sign up over 100 people to the micro-loan website Kiva. After Yale, he joined the anti-racist artist collective Artists for Change, which held marches, protests, and online petitions to address the crisis of police violence. And for the past seven years, he’s performed with the political comedy theater group Political Subversities. Jabari has been vegan for over five years.

  • Julie

    Julie is a vegan and animal activist focusing on urging fellow activists to get involved in their local communities. As a descendent of former circus-owners, animal “trainers”, and circus aerialists, Julie spends her days working for animal-free circuses and helping animals (ab)used for entertainment.

    As an experienced global communications manager, Julie has worked on political campaigns for animal rights, animals in entertainment campaigns, and farmed animal campaigns for nearly a decade. Julie is the co-founder and former vice president of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION), former campaign organizer at Nyclass, district leader for The Humane Society of the United States, and former social media manager, current board member, and social media advisor for CompassionWorks International. She is currently the global content manager for Mercy For Animals, overseeing MFA’s United States Facebook page and international social media staff.

    Julie is excited to be a part of Voters For Animal Rights because motivating the animal rights voting bloc means more laws for protecting animals. It’s time politicians knew how powerful the animal rights movement can be.

    You can find her at local vegan restaurants, protests or cuddling with rescue cats Stripes, Sam, Sawyer, and rescue dog, Bella.

  • Joyce

    Joyce has extensive experience as a multifaceted advocate for animals. A former clinical social worker, Joyce entered the animal rights field as Northeast Campaigns Coordinator and then Northeast Director for In Defense of Animals. She gained expertise in and began to see the value of legislative work and electioneering by serving on the Board of Directors of League of Humane Voters-NYC. She then became Program Manager of the surrender prevention program Pet Help Partners at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), keeping thousands of animals in their homes and out of shelters. When she transitioned to become NYC Coordinator at The HSUS, she worked on passing local animal-friendly legislation, most notably as a leader in the successful campaign to ban wild animals in circuses in NYC in 2017. Joyce currently manages volunteer programs at a local companion animal organization and is thrilled to begin serving on the Board of Directors of Voters for Animal Rights. Using her expertise, experience, and passion to pass laws to protect animals and to help ensure animal-friendly legislators are in office are her biggest priorities as an animal rights activist. Joyce has rescued dozens of dogs and cats over the years and she currently lives with her three rescued cats Pablo, Patrick, and Lucy.

  • Christina

    Christina is a native New Yorker and the foster coordinator at Best Friends Animal Society. She has spent the past few years working towards reducing the population of homeless animals in New York City shelters. Her efforts towards animal protection extend to her previous role as a District Leader volunteer for the Humane Society of the United States, where she advocated for animal protection on a national and local level. As a lifelong animal activist, she plans to use her experiences in grassroots community organizing and policy to help VFAR accomplish its mission. She feels that in order to make great change for animals in this big city, it’s important to build a community of humane voters and elected officials. She is excited to be a part of an organization that is accomplishing this. Christina resides in Astoria New York with her two rescue bunnies, Pita and Scarlett. They rule the house.

  • Heather

    During her internship at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Heather knew she wanted to continue on the path of animal rights activism. She briefly lived Nicaragua where she helped homeless dogs and found her beloved dog, Ruby. Since returning to the States, she has been active in several local NYC grassroots organizations working to end animal suffering on all fronts. She is excited to be part of VFAR and make positive impacts for animals by working with local government. Farmed animals — the most abused and least represented — hold a special place in Heather’s heart and she’s focused her efforts most recently on the many slaughterhouses and live markets in her city. She hopes to bring awareness and thoughtful legislation to protect both NYC residents and animals against these hazardous and unsanitary places. Heather is currently pursuing a professional career in animal welfare. She lives with her best friend and companion, Ruby Roo.

  • Scott

    Scott is a musician with Goodbye Picasso and software engineer at The New York Times.

    He helps Allie wrangle their five cats.

Advisory Committee

  • Chris
    Public Relations Advisor

    Chris Allieri is founder and principal of Mulberry & Astor, a New York-based PR & marketing consultancy.

    Chris has more than 20 years of diverse marketing and communications experience across multiple sectors. Chris has held senior roles at Edelman, Accenture, Univision and Grayling.

    Chris is chair of the board of directors of Farm Sanctuary, and a member of the board of Wild Bird Fund in New York City, as well as the University of Colorado Alumni Association. He was a member of the Trevor Project board from 2009 to 2018. Chris received his bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and Latin American studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and his master’s degree in international affairs and economic and political development from Columbia University. Chris teaches at the Parsons School of Design, New School in New York. Before moving to Brooklyn in 2015, Chris was a member of Community Board IV in Manhattan.

    Chris is passionate about animal rescue and is also a rabbit-care volunteer for Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) in Brooklyn. He adopted his rabbit, Bean, from ACC in April 2016. Bean was found in a city park and is now cage-less, happy, and free.

  • Gayle
    Boesky, Esq.
    General Counsel

  • Matthew
    Political Advisor

    With nearly a decade of experience fighting for animals, Matthew Dominguez has pioneered legislative and public policy campaigns to protect farmed animals from abuse and to gain fundamental rights for nonhuman animals. He was responsible for passing legislation that outlawed some of the worst factory farming cruelties and leading efforts to defeat over thirty anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bills during his five-year tenure as Director of Public Policy for Farm Animal Protection at a national animal protection organization. While Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations at the Nonhuman Rights Project, he worked to build an internal infrastructure and operational procedures that would allow NhRP to expand their work into the government relations and public policy arenas. Currently, he is the Managing Director for WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society who’s mission is to end the commercial exploration of all wildcats. Additionally, he holds a full-time job in the private sector in order donate a portion of his salary back to nonprofit organizations who seek to make the world a better place. His work has been covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other major outlets across the country. Matt is a graduate of Lewis and Clark Law School.

  • David
    Karopkin, Esq.
    Wildlife Advisor

    David is a lifelong Brooklynite and a dedicated advocate for animals and co-existence with wildlife. Among other pursuits, David founded GooseWatch NYC in 2011 and during the past 7 years he has been involved with numerous efforts to protect threatened wildlife living in NYC through activism, legislation and policy. Under his leadership, GooseWatch NYC organized successful campaigns, notably including, the documentation of USDA Wildlife Service round-ups and killing of Canada geese in New York City parks, pivotal in encouraging the City to move towards non-lethal goose management policies, as well as passage of legislation to stop the N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation’s plan to eradicate mute swans in New York State, and the prevention of USDA’s killing of Staten Island’s wild turkeys by helping to coordinate their relocation to farm animal sanctuaries in upstate New York. GooseWatch also worked to protect deer on Staten Island and coyotes in Queens, and participated in the campaign to ban wild animal performances in circuses. As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, David has assisted with many rescues of injured geese, raccoons, squirrels, and pigeons. David graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2015, and has served as a Councilmanic Aide for New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm, Legislative Director for New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, and Assistant Law Clerk to the Hon. Justice Katherine A. Levine in the New York State Supreme Court.

  • Chelsie
    Organizing Advisor

    Chelsie is a native of New York state and has spent her entire professional life working to improve the lives of animals. As the former Nyclass lead organizer, project manager, and lobbyist she helped develop the organization’s volunteer base which put animal protection at the forefront of political discussion in NYC and educated legislators about the importance of strong animal protection laws.

    Chelsie currently serves as a corporate relations specialist at Mercy For Animals and works with restaurants and food companies to help them adopt meaningful animal welfare reforms.

    Chelsie lives with her partner Bill and furbaby Dex.


For press inquiries, please contact allie@vfar.org.