VFAR's 2024 Animal Rights Legislative Agenda

New York State Legislation:

  • Prohibiting the sale of glue traps (S.6314/A.4785)
  • Prohibiting wild animals in circuses or traveling acts (S.4363-A/A.4005-A)
  • Prohibiting the sale of kangaroo leather products (S.8829/A.07840)
  • Stopping classroom hatching projects (A.104)
  • Ending the sale of fur (S.3279/A.790)
  • Good Cause Eviction (S.305/A.4454)
  • Stopping discrimination against pet owners for rental insurance (A.6867-A/S.7416-A)
  • Renewing the slaughterhouse moratorium (S.8542/A.9254)
  • Expanding humane education to secondary schools (S.4533/A.416)
  • Creation of the Animal Crimes Fund

New York City Legislation:

  • Prohibiting commercial bird releases
  • End horse carriages
  • Prohibiting captivity of elephants in zoos (Intro 213)
  • Defeating the federal EATS Act (Reso 213)
  • Protecting tenants with pets (Intro 528)
  • Funding for community cat rescuers
  • Spay/neuter affordability
  • Bird safe glass and prohibiting rodenticide
  • Recognizing animal sentience
  • Defending the foie gras ban (Local Law 202)
  • Accountability for implementing humane education
  • Expanding access to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
  • Pilot program for rodent birth control for mice and rats